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A damn job #1 (comic fantasy)

In the gloomy atmosphere of a dark corridor, two soft voices were getting closer between tapestries and weapons on display.

“Don’t be silly, son” Sir Carmelo, the Count, was saying to his son Vito “people have stopped believing in ghosts  a long time ago”.

“Why, dad?”.

“Um. Hard to say, mon cher” pondered Sir Carmelo. “Nowadays human beings think that what can’t be explained can’t exist and therefore they consider it silly to believe in what doesn’t exist”.

“But ghosts do exist!”.

“Well, this is all to be proved”. A gentle laugh joined up with Sir Carmelo’s words. “They know about odd phenomena that enjoy themselves playing with lights or about curious magnetic fields that ripple the air or again about people saying they hear voices or find furnishings out of place but to say that it is about ghosts, son, is something else”.

“Why do people believe in some god, then, dad?”.

“Convenience, I guess” said the Count. “Hope must cling to something, so much the better if this something doesn’t turn your house upside-down”.

Young Vito hesitated. He wasn’t entirely convinced “Many human beings claim they fight against the ghosts of the past”.

“They do,” Sir Carmelo went on, “and they also claim they have defeated their own demons, they don’t hide any skeletons in the cupboard and they are sure that somebody hunts witches, but nobody really believes these things”.

“But then–“ Vito hesitated again. “What do people believe in, what do they hope?”.

Dans l’argent, son, in filthy lucre, in what else then? Alas! Times have changed and you must be abreast with them, otherwise you run the risk of disappearing”.

Exactly like the two did, going through the wall.