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A damn job

This is the first English translation of the first comic fantasy about the Synchroverse. Inspired by Terry Pratchett, born from a short story mentioned at Lovecraft Prize, it’s the first episode of Quelpa saga. A lot of “first”, so be the first to read it and – for sure – the first to comment on this.

You can read the scenes (articles) in English translation, simply clicking here.

Un maledetto lavoro (ITA)

If you prefer to afford it in original Italian version, here you can read, instead, the preview on Amazon and, of course, to buy it.

  • A damn job #1 (comic fantasy)

    In the gloomy atmosphere of a dark corridor, two soft voices were getting closer between tapestries and weapons on display. “Don’t be silly, son” Sir Carmelo, the Count, was saying to his son Vito “people have stopped believing in ghosts  a long time ago”. “Why, dad?”. “Um. Hard to say, mon cher” pondered Sir Carmelo.…

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  • A damn job #2 (comic fantasy)

    In the heart of Magna-Polis the evening had already fallen. A crimson river turned the streets golden and lit the placid flowing of the river Vasto with a thousand jerks. Pale light flashes teemed against the frames and on the swaying signs, while a pleasant breeze ruffled the hair of those who were going home.…

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  • A damn job #3 (comic fantasy)

    Meanwhile, in the dark library of an ancient house. “Have you found it?” asked a sinister shadow moving as if it was looking for its hands, all wrapped in a wide overcoat.Another shadow as grim as the previous one, but higher than average, stopped the lashing with which it had cut the dark and smoky…

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